Why You Should Consider Wearing a Mouthguard

When you visit a dentist near you in Damascus, he or she may ask what kind of activities you perform, such as sports, exercise, and hobbies. If you answer that you play contact sports or engage in a contact activity, then your dentist should recommend you wear a custom mouthguard.

Watch the “Dental Minute” video to learn more about how mouthguards can protect your teeth and mouth. Custom mouthguards are made in a similar manner as Invisalign aligners, although mouthguards are not meant to straighten your teeth. Mouthguards can protect your teeth from impact, perhaps from a ball or hand to your face. They can also prevent a tooth from being knocked out or cutting your tongue. With a custom mouthguard protecting you during contact exercises, you can cut down on potential tooth pain or future dental problems.

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