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Answering Common Questions About Invisalign

Invisalign is a popular and effective way to address orthodontic issues in Damascus. It uses several customized aligners that will move your teeth into their correct positions. The aligners are ...
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Are You at Risk for Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease near Damascus is a serious dental issue, and you may not realize you are at risk. If you do not visit your dentist regularly and you often forget to brush or floss your teeth, then ...
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Signs You Could Benefit from Straightening Your Teeth

Braces aren’t just for teenagers. Adolescents and adults of all ages can benefit from visiting an orthodontist near Damascus. There are many more options available to orthodontic patients today ...
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Highlighting the Benefits of Orthodontics

When most people think of orthodontics, they think of braces and teenagers. In reality, orthodontics has changed, and people of all ages are seeking care. Why are so many more patients seeing an ...
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Get the Facts About Crooked Teeth

Did you know that crooked teeth are more than just an aesthetic problem? If you are considering going to an orthodontist near Damascus to help you with your concerns about your smile, watch this video ...
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Spotlight on Dental Bridges

If you have missing teeth, one remedy your dentist may recommend is a dental bridge. Along with dentures and dental implants, dental bridges replace missing teeth to create a more natural smile. They ...
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Tips for Choosing the Right Toothbrush

If you have thought about asking your family dentist near Damascus about toothbrushes, then you are not alone. Dentists specializing in family dentistry are often asked opinions on what the right ...
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Treatments to Repair Dental Damage

Dental damage often occurs when a tooth has been broken or undergone a root canal procedure. A dentist may determine that the tooth is no longer strong enough to support chewing motions or function ...
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What Are the Symptoms of a Cavity?

If you have experienced recent tooth pain in Damascus, then you should schedule an appointment to see your dentist. Your dentist will perform a thorough exam to locate the root of your tooth pain. ...
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What Happens During a Root Canal

When a dentist recommends a patient receive a root canal treatment, the patient will most likely visit an endodontist in Damascus. Root canal treatments have become a common procedure that is very ...
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Tips for Eating a Mouth-Healthy Diet

Dentists near Damascus make it a point to promote a mouth-healthy diet, so their patients can live with a healthy and beautiful smile. Mouth-healthy diets often consist of calcium-rich foods, lean ...
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What to Expect from Invisalign

When a patient is advised to see an orthodontist near Damascus about Invisalign, he or she may wonder what to expect after treatment has finished. With Invisalign, patients all over the world ...
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Which Orthodontic Treatment is Right for You?

When looking into your options for orthodontics in Damascus, you’ll find that you have several treatments from which to choose. As you talk to your dentist about your teeth straightening ...
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Tips for Preventing Gum Disease

Everyone should be concerned with how to prevent gum disease in Damascus. Gum disease—which can range from mild gingivitis to painful periodontitis—can lead to several problems with ...
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Spotting Dental Malocclusions

Malocclusions occur when the teeth do not line up correctly, possibly causing a problem with the bite. These can be minor issues; it is normal for most patients to have a very mild overbite. The ...
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Helping Your Kids Brush Their Teeth

Brushing your kids’ teeth may be a hard time in the household. Kids don’t have the patience or understanding of how crucial dental health can be to their overall health. Dentists skilled ...
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How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants near Damascus are one of the great advancements of restorative dentistry. Implants allow people to have fully functioning artificial teeth without the possible risk of them falling ...
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What Could Be Causing Your Tooth Pain?

A common part of family dentistry is the diagnosis of tooth pain in Damascus. A variety of reasons are possible, but in the end, you should still see your dentist if you’re experiencing tooth ...
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Caring for Your Invisalign Aligners

To avoid an even higher Invisalign cost in Damascus, you should always take care of your plastic aligners in the correct manner. Invisalign is an orthodontic wonder, but it can still degrade without ...
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When Is a Root Canal Necessary?

A root canal is one of the many procedures a practice that provides family dentistry in Damascus can offer. This procedure can alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with damaged tooth pulp. It ...
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Busting Myths about Root Canals

A root canal—formally known as endodontic treatment—is one of the safest and most affordable procedures for ending tooth pain, preventing tooth infections, and restoring a broken tooth. ...
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Understanding the Root Canal Procedure

Everyone wants a healthy smile that they can be proud of. That's why it's important to take good care of your teeth and gums on your own, and visit your dental office in Damascus on a routine ...
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