Dental Implants in Damascus

Filling in Your Smile One Tooth at a Time

If you or a loved one are missing teeth, you may want to consider implants. Implants are designed to match the look of your natural teeth and serve as replacement tooth roots. If you have lost a tooth because of tooth decay, a failed root canal, gum disease, or natural wear and tear, dental implants are the perfect solution. Whether you need one tooth or a whole set of teeth replaced, our dentists at Damascus Dental Group can help.

The advantages to installing dental implants include:

  • Improved appearance
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Ability to enjoy pain-free eating
  • The fact that your natural teeth will not be altered
  • The durability of the implant
  • The fact that no adhesives are required
  • The fact that the implant does not need to be removed

Dental implants often go unnoticed by most, as they are designed to match your existing teeth. To improve the look of your smile and to feel more self-confident, choose our trained staff at Damascus Dental Group. For additional information, contact us today at 301-253-2174.

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