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Busting Myths about Root Canals

A root canal—formally known as endodontic treatment—is one of the safest and most affordable procedures for ending tooth pain, preventing tooth infections, and restoring a broken tooth. However, many myths persist about the procedure. If you nee Root canals by Damascus Dental Group d to get a root canal at a dental office in Damascus , it’s good to know the truth about this procedure in advance of making an appointment.

Myth: Root Canals are Painful

Root canals are often rumored to cause pain. However, the fact is that pain is the very thing that root canals are designed to prevent. The myth that root canals are painful dates back many decades, prior to modern technological developments that make root canals no more painful than fillings. Tooth-related pain is generally caused by tissue damage, the very thing which root canals are designed to remedy.

Myth: Root Canals Cause Infections

A long discredited, but wildly persistent myth is that a root canal can cause illness and disease. The myth dates to a series of false claims made by Dr. Weston A. Price—a proponent of tooth extraction—during the 1920s. While the myth caused a Depression Era backlash against endodontic treatment, the dental community had roundly debunked Price’s research by the 1950s, at which point scientists had closed in on the true causes of infections.

Myth: Extractions Are Preferable to Root Canals

While there are artificial replacements that can be used to restore lost or extracted teeth, it’s still important to remember that natural teeth are irreplaceable because, unlike hair and nails, they never grow back. For that reason alone, the best choice is to salvage whatever you can of a natural tooth. To that end, root canals are often a better option than extractions. Endodontic treatment has been highly successful at restoring teeth, usually for a lifetime.