Spotlight on Dr. Richard Shin

When it comes to choosing a general or cosmetic dentist in Damascus , it’s important to get to know and be comfortable with your oral healthcare provider. At Damascus Dental Group, we are proud to have a team of several highly skilled and trained dentists, including Dr. Richard Shin.

Dr. Dr. Richard Shin at Damascus Dental Group Shin specializes in orthodontics and is impressively well-traveled. If you enjoy visiting or dream about visiting different countries around the world, you’re going to love talking to Dr. Shin at each and every appointment. Even if you’re not a traveler at heart, you’re still bound to enjoy visits with Dr. Shin due to his infectious personality and compassion for his patients.

Dr. Shin is a member in good standing in both the American Dental Society and the American Association of Orthodontics. He also serves on several international boards and colleges. If you’d like to meet Dr. Shin for an oral health exam, simply schedule an appointment at our office in Damascus.