Your Guide to Common Braces Terms

Common braces by Damascus Dental Group Speaking with your dentist or orthodontist in Damascus and assessing your oral health are integral aspects of dental maintenance. However, it can be difficult to keep up with a dental professional if you are not familiar with the verbiage. For this reason, it is always helpful to read up on the matter and learn about your upcoming treatment, whether you are undergoing endodontics and orthodontics. Continue reading for a look at some common braces terms.

Orthodontic Distinctions

Although they may do relatively similar work, your dentist and your orthodontist are not the same. Much like the relationship between a square and a rectangle, one can be the other without them inherently being the same. A dentist goes to an accredited university, and so does an orthodontist; the difference, however, is that an orthodontist then goes on to complete several additional years of training in a program that teaches specialized skills and knowledge. The term “orthodontics” refers to the task that orthodontists face, which is to properly align teeth in a manner that corrects the patient’s bite.

Parts of the Braces

You may be familiar with the term “braces,” but you may not be able to identify the individual parts of these orthodontic devices. The most noticeable part of braces is the brackets. Brackets are placed on your teeth in order to guide them into place. A band is a metal ring that fits around the back molars and supports the larger teeth. Upon completion of orthodontic treatment, you will typically use a retainer to keep your teeth in place; this retainer may be removable or permanent, depending on your preference.

Dental Issues

There are many different issues and complications that can arise in the mouth. An overbite describes a bite in which the top teeth cover the bottom teeth, while an underbite is the opposite. A malocclusion refers to a bite that is affected by misaligned teeth, while an impacted tooth is one that has not been able to erupt properly.