What Is Orthodontics?

Damascus Dental Group

Much like a dentist, your orthodontist near Damascus is concerned with your teeth and gums. However, special emphasis is placed on certain aspects of your teeth and gums in orthodontics. Orthodontic treatments have helped countless people and are appropriate at any age. Watch this video for a brief delve into the world of orthodontics.

While your dentist and orthodontist are both concerned with your teeth and gums, your orthodontist is particularly focused on the way your teeth are aligned. In the past, orthodontics were typically reserved for teenagers and young adults. Today, however, people of all ages are enjoying orthodontic treatments. Your orthodontist will align your teeth in an attempt to balance your facial muscles and your teeth. This can restore function to misaligned teeth as well as improve your appearance and bolster your confidence. A routine mouth exam can help determine whether or not orthodontics is right for you.