Fluoride and Tap Water

Your dentist near Damascus is always going to recommend you use a fluoride-based toothpaste, but you will also get the added benefits of fluoride whenever you drink your city water. Dentists across the globe believe in the preventive properties of fluoride that have been in city water for 70 years.

Watch the video to hear from dentists and scientists belonging to accredited sources, such as the American Dental Association (ADA). Fluoride in tap water can help prevent tooth decay, which can lead to tooth pain and gum disease. With fluoride in your tap water and toothpaste, you can prevent up to 25% of tooth decay found in adults and children. Fluoride is especially important for strengthening children’s teeth and fighting ability against tooth decay and cavities. If you have further questions about the positive effects of fluoride, ask your dentist during your next appointment.