What Could Be Causing Your Tooth Pain?

A common part of family dentistry is the diagnosis of tooth pain in Damascus. A variety of reasons are possible, but in the end, you should still see your dentist if you’re experiencing tooth pain. Your dentist can identify exactly what is causing the pain, and he can suggest the correct course of action to remedy the pain. Possible causes include: Diagnosis of tooth pain in Damascus

Sensitive Teeth

Sometimes, people just have sensitive teeth and gums. This may be caused by insufficient tooth enamel, infected gums, or tooth decay. If you notice your teeth hurting whenever you brush or consume something hot or cold, then try using a fluoride toothpaste meant for sensitive teeth.


If you notice one side of your mouth always hurts when you eat or drink something hot, cold, or sweet, you may have a cavity. Cavities can only be safely filled in by a dentist, and they will only get worse the longer you go without treatment. If your tooth continues to hurt even after you have stopped eating or drinking the item, you should make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

Cracked Tooth or Nerve Pain

When you have a cracked tooth or tooth nerve damage, it can cause a sharp or throbbing toothache when you bite down. Sometimes, you may even notice severe tooth pain when something as innocuous as a cool breeze reaches your teeth. This could be a sign of a tooth root and nerve being damaged by another tooth or infection; it could also be a sign of a deeper problem like a cracked tooth. Either way, you should consult your dentist right away before the pain, and whatever is causing it, becomes worse.

Sinus Infection

Though it is uncommon, some toothaches can actually be caused by a sinus infection. You would be able to tell by a pain or soreness in your upper teeth and below your cheeks. If this type of pain accompanies common cold or flu symptoms, you may wish to consult your doctor or dentist.