What to Expect from Invisalign

When a patient is advised to see an orthodontist near Damascus about Invisalign, he or she may wonder what to expect after treatment has finished. With Invisalign, patients all over the world experience many of the same beneficial outcomes, namely straighter teeth and improved self-esteem. Invisalign is a revolutionary response to traditional braces, and it is an orthodontic system with great benefits for all types of orthodontic patients. dental - invisalign

A Straighter Smile

Invisalign is an orthodontic system meant to straighten the teeth and correct bite issues, similar to conventional braces. Unlike braces, Invisalign is noninvasive. The Invisalign system straightens a patient’s smile with near-invisible, plastic aligners that fit snugly over the teeth. Over the course of several months, a patient will periodically change to a new aligner that will continue the process. At the end of the orthodontic process, a patient will have a straighter, more beautiful smile.

Improved Oral Health

Due to Invisalign’s noninvasive approach, patients are able to continue their daily oral care. The plastic aligners are easily removed so patients may eat, drink, brush their teeth, and floss. Patients will also notice improved oral health once their teeth have been corrected. Many patients with crooked or gapped teeth may have poor dental and oral health. If they have a bite abnormality, there may also be unnatural wear on certain teeth. Once these issues have been corrected with Invisalign, patients will notice their oral health improve.

Greater Self-Esteem

Patients who have experienced poor dental health or crooked and gapped teeth often admit to suffering from low self-esteem and confidence. They prefer not to smile or speak often because they are embarrassed about the look of their teeth. However, after using the Invisalign system, these same patients can experience a tremendous growth in self-esteem and confidence. Their smiles will be straighter, which can result in better oral and dental health. With these great side effects, patients will notice a significant increase in their self-confidence and the desire to smile and speak more often.

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