Treatments to Repair Dental Damage

Dental damage often occurs when a tooth has been broken or undergone a root canal procedure. A dentist may determine that the tooth is no longer strong enough to support chewing motions or function like it should. However, instead of performing a tooth extraction, a dentist may be able to repair the damage and restore function with a crown in Damascus. Continue reading to learn more about reparative treatments for dental damage .

Crowns are the most common treatment used to repair the look and function of a damaged tooth. Following a root canal procedure, a crown will be custom-made to match the affected tooth. The crown will be placed over the tooth and cemented on. With proper oral care, the crown should last several years as a suitable repair for the tooth. A crown may also be used if a tooth was broken or has become weakened from tooth decay. Some patients will also opt for crowns to cover a chip or permanent discoloration of a tooth.

Reparative treatments for dental damage at Damascus Dental Group