Dental Implants in Damascus, MD

Filling in Your Smile One Tooth at a Time

If you or a loved one are missing teeth, you may want to consider implants. Implants are designed to match the look of your natural teeth and serve as replacement tooth roots. If you have lost a tooth because of tooth decay, a failed root canal, gum disease, or natural wear and tear, dental implants provide a permanent solution that has several advantages over other tooth-replacement options. Whether you need one tooth or a whole set of teeth replaced, our dentists at Damascus Dental Group can help. Read on to learn more about dental implants at our Damascus, MD, dental center, and contact us at (888) 472-4216 today!

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are tooth replacement appliances that mimic the structure and function of a natural tooth and its root. As such, dental implants each have two components: the implant itself, which mimics the function of a tooth root, and a false tooth (or “pontic”) that sits atop the implant to replace the lost tooth. Dental implants are made of strong and durable titanium that fuses to the jawbone over time. This allows them to function with the durability and strength of regular teeth. Pontics are 3D printed to precisely fit their designed spaces and are affixed atop dental implants. Dental implants often go unnoticed by most, as they are designed to match your existing teeth. They are also designed to handle all of the wear and tear that natural teeth endure, and are thus an excellent permanent tooth-replacement solution.

The Advantages of Dental Implants

Durable, fully functional, and natural looking, dental implants are the most popular tooth replacement appliances on the market today. More permanent and functional than dentures, stronger than crown and bridge systems, and virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth, dental implants have a number of advantages over other tooth replacements alternatives. The advantages to installing dental implants include:

  • Improved appearance
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Ability to enjoy pain-free eating
  • No alteration of natural teeth required
  • The durability of the implant
  • No adhesives required
  • Permanent – the implant does not need to be removed

Your Dental Implant Procedure: A Short Overview

Dental implants do require significant surgery in order to be properly placed in the mouth. At Damascus Dental Group, we take great care to educate our patients and ensure that our surgical procedures are performed with the highest level of care and attention to detail. After meeting with our dental team for an in-depth consultation and deciding that dental implants are the right choice for you, you will be ready to schedule an appointment with our staff for surgery at our office.

It’s important to follow the preparatory instructions given by our oral surgeons in the days and weeks leading up to surgery. On the day of surgery, you will be administered either local or general anesthetic (depending on the severity of the operation) to eliminate any sensation of pain. During the first procedure, our surgical team will remove any remnants of your remaining tooth or teeth and insert the implants. Once the procedure is complete, we will affix temporary pontics to the top of your implants. You will need to wear these for approximately 2 to 3 months while your implants fuse to your jawbone.

Once fusion has occurred, you will return to our office for a second procedure. Much less intensive than the first surgery, this procedure involves the removal of the temporary pontics and the attachment of your new permanent teeth. To ensure that everything is going well with your new teeth, we will schedule a follow-up appointment with you in 6 months to a year’s time.

Learn More about Dental Implants at Damascus Dental Group

When it comes to permanent tooth replacement, there are few better choices than dental implants. And when it comes to the Maryland’s best dental implant surgery, there is no better choice than our team here at Damascus Dental Group. With our friendly, professional, and highly experienced staff, we are the right choice for dental implants and a number of other dental services in Damascus, MD.

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